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The February newsletter is posted.

Updated information on the special benefit event is available here. It now includes workshops on Friday.

RV Registrations for WCR 2017: RV Registrations for 2017 will begin on June 15 at 9:00 AM Central Time.  Those wishing a RV site with water and electric will need to call 215-622-6394 at 9:00 AM. Note that this is June 15, not June 1.

Details are coming together for the February meeting which has been moved to February 25 at the Chitwood Center, Bennington, OK. It will include a mountain dulcimer-building workshop, pizza, and a benefit barn dance. The details (thus far) are here.

Based in Bennington, Oklahoma, our members are a terrific group of people from both sides of the Red River who love getting together to enjoy the great traditional music of yesterday - the Old Time tunes from the Appalachian Mountains - the ballads, the bluegrass, the gospel.

Our goal is to promote both the music and the traditional instruments created to play it. In our club, most instruments played are Mountain Dulcimers and Hammered Dulcimers, but we also have banjos, guitars, fiddles, bass and on occasion even a harp finds its way into the mix. Players of any acoustic instrument - as well as those who just love to listen to the music - are more than welcome to join us!

Unlike so many other clubs, our membership is free. We have monthly meetings at a set location, for your convenience. Before the start of each meeting, we offer lessons on the Hammered and Mountain Dulcimers. Those who are just beginning to play or anyone interested in learning can come and feel welcome.

We also sponsor workshops, play at different civic events, hold concerts, host our annual Winter Creek Reunion Dulcimer & Acoustic Music Festival, and provide so much information and support you will wonder why you waited so long to join us!

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